The Swiss Made Automatic Stainless Steel Watch

The Swiss Made Automatic Stainless Steel Watch: Fossil Reinvented!

Fossil has always been famous and known for its affordability, reliability and quartz powered watches. Fossil, founded in 1984, typically uses Chinese quartz movements in their timepiece which keeps the production cost low, making it affordable for normal people. But this time, they announced their Swiss made automatic stainless steel watch and tried to move up to the high-end luxury brand styles. Let’s know more about the watch and see how Fossil has reinvented their style and look!

This polished stainless steel automatic beauty features a curved black velvet dial and an exhibition case backwith three-hands (each hour, minute and second respectively) and date window on it. The watch holds a water resistance of 50 meters which means that it is suitable to wear while swimming. The dial is protected by an AR coated sapphire crystal.Inside the Fossil Automatic is a Swiss made STP caliber 1-11 movement with 26 jewels that beats at 28,800 vph with a 46 hour power reserve.

Fossil, since the time it has launched, has always proved to be one of the most trusted brands. With a lot of variety that they offer in watches, people are surely inclined towards it due to several “good” reasons. Fossil has successfully managed to maintain its quality over the years and meeting up to the expectations of its wearer. Be it style, durability or affordability, this brand has always been on top for these features.  If we start comparing the Swiss made automatic stainless steel Fossil watch with other luxury brands, then one prominent thing that will pop in your mind is major factor “money”. All the luxury brands using Swiss automatic movement will cost you a real good amount of your savings. Fossil, when compared to those is still a decent option to go for.

Here are some of the features of this Swiss made automatic Fossil watch that will help you know more about the internal mechanism of the watch:


This 38mm dial watch will perfectly fit on your wrist making it look neither too big nor too small for you. The round shape of the case gives it an elegant look that will go with all your outfits, be it formal or casual. 12mm thickness with a stainless steel case material gives this watch a defined and nice look.


With a double press deployant closure and a circumference of 200 +/- 5mm, this silver colored stainless steel strap, gives this watch a very basic yet classy look. A width of 18mm is perfect for any wearer. Stainless steel watch straps are extremely durable and can last the lifetime of a watch if properly maintained.


The automatic movement features a built-in rotor that’s powered by the motion of your wrist—no battery required. If your watch stops ticking, simply turn the crown clockwise until you feel some resistance.

Classic and soothing to the eye in a vintage military sort of way, the designing of the overall watch is very basic and easy-going. The scratch-resistant sapphire crystal glass is one of the strong catching points of the watch.

Collection: Swiss
Movement Type: Mechanical Automatic
Water Resistant: 5 ATM
Collection: Swiss
Dial Color: Black
Strap Circumference: 200 +/- 5mm
Strap Width: 18mm
Case Size: 38mm
Case Thickness: 12mm


This new movement watch is definitely not the regular kind of watch that Fossil has manufactured till date. With a little advance technology and movements mostly used in luxury brands, this watch is a little more than what a normal Fossil watch would cost. With the watch costing around Rs.60000 approximately, it would be a little more for a Fossil lover. But with the developed technology and watch movement, it is a treat for a Fossil fan!


Precisely handcrafted and intensely coveted, this Swiss-made timepiece set a standard for quality that is simply unmatched. As it is a complete new try in terms of technology and movement by Fossil, it depends on the buyer as to how much he is ready to invest on this type of watch. For a Fossil lover, this is definitely a mark of new beginning and they must be looking forward to much more timepieces like this.

4 Ways Tech is Changing the Restaurant Industry

4 Ways Tech is Changing the Restaurant Industry

With technology, things keep changing in every business. When it comes to restaurants, social media, online reviews, mobile technology, and data breach are some of the ways tech is changing the restaurant industry.

1. Social Media

Through social media, restaurants can grow their brand and reach out to their customers online unlike before. The social media platform is enabling fair competition between small businesses and national chains that have a bigger marketing budget. Successful restaurants are now able to leverage Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and other platforms to reach potential and current customers, share unique content, and generate buzz for their businesses. Social media allows restaurants to create a relationship with their regular clients. Some restaurants are more innovative than others and let their chefs communicate with their clients through YouTube, Instagram Live, and Facebook Live. Other restaurants offer tips regarding healthy recipes or events happening in the restaurant while updating their customers with daily specials.

2. Online Reviews

Restaurant reviews are a rite of passage for budding restaurants. Social media and blogs have changed the game when it comes to the restaurant industry. Due to online reviews, customers can speak about their experiences almost immediately. This can spread either good or bad news wide and far. Patrons can immediately speak about their experiences online, and this can spread good publicity for the restaurant or leave the restaurant susceptible to bad reviews. Restaurants must, therefore, learn how to handle online reviews and bloggers.

3. Mobile Technology

Due to the significance of using social media and a website to communicate with your clients, it is essential to ensure that the company website is accessible via mobile platforms. The two primary design techniques to handle this issue are referred to as adaptive and responsive designs. Whichever design you choose for your website, ensure that the restaurant website can be accessed on a mobile device. According to research by search engine land, 60% of all searches are carried out through a mobile device. For this reason, restaurants are gaining a presence on the sites commonly searched via a mobile device.

4. Increased Risk for Restaurants

Cyber liability and data breach insurance are now necessary for any restaurant in business and not just national chains. While many restaurants fail to protect themselves from a data breach, they end up incurring more cost than they would have incurred to protect themselves. No matter the size or scope of your restaurant, hackers are targeting you. Where small restaurants are in business with the larger restaurants, hackers hack the larger restaurant by first hacking the small restaurant. Many of the biggest data breaches happened this way. Breaches of the Target and Home Depot were initiated by hackers initially accessing the small businesses that had a connection to the larger firm’s internal computer system. Companies that lack enough data breach insurance fail to survive such attacks. The cost of the data breach insurance is dependent on the revenue of the restaurant business. According to the Ponemon Institute and IBM, 24,089 records are stolen on average in a single breach. This costs the company an average of $3.62 million. Hence, no matter the size of a restaurant business, the business incurs an average cost of $141 for every stolen record that has confidential or sensitive information.

It is essential that you keep your restaurant at par with this technological trends so that you can remain competitive. Go tech or go home!

Keep your house clean and tidy

Every house needs proper dusting and cleaning at a regular interval. This is because; dusts and bacteria keep accumulating in the house and it can be very harmful for health. Regular vacuum cannot help to eradicate all the dusts. Hence a thorough cleaning is needed. Now, cleaning an entire house can really be a tiring job. In order to get rid of that, one can hire professional house cleaners.

Here are some major benefits of hiring them.

  • Dirty indoor air is more common in your house than you can imagine. Babies, young children, the elderly, and people with immune deficiencies or asthma need clean, fresh air. If you have young children or older persons living with you, you can help protect against a range of unpleasant, uncomfortable, and dangerous health conditions by hiring house cleaning experts in sushant lok phase 1.
  • Professional cleaners are very confident in what they are doing. Once they are hired they come to your house according to you fitting schedules. It completely depends on you whether you want your house to be cleaned by them when you are away or when you are present at the house. They are okay with bath the situations. They will clean the house weekly or monthly according to your preferences and will follow the schedule which is convenient to you.
  • Dust accumulations happen at very unpredictable places in the house. This mostly skips the eyes of amateur cleaners but not from the eyes of professionals. So, they can easily remove those dust accumulations from those unusual places like bed spreads and from behind the curtains so that one can live in a germ free house by hiring some professional services.
  • Every professional cleaning service offers their clients an opportunity to customize their cleaning as per it suit their requirements. If the client wants the professional cleaners to focus on certain areas then they will definitely do that. Each and every individual have their own needs and requirements which they need to make clear to the cleaning professionals who are working for them. By doing this communication the cleaners will come up with some tailor made package for the client’s convenience.
  • The cleaning services who operate in the market are professionals and so the staffs that they provide for cleaning purposes are all experienced. They know how to do things in order and they know how to keep the environment clean very well. They work in a professional manner and complete the entire task for which they have been assigned to. They do all the cleaning on time and you do not have to keep an eye on them to check whether they are working properly or not.

If one is looking for services who provides deep dry cleaning in dlf 5 one needs to research well before hiring a company. One needs to know how they work and what their reputation as a company is. After checking that one can go ahead and hire them.