Know Facts About 9apps and Vidmate About vidmate

Know Facts About 9apps and Vidmate About vidmate

Vidmate is considered as one of the best apps for an android platform where the users can view, search as well as get videos & audio files from the popular video hosting websites. It supports more than 100 websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and many others. One can watch trendy videos and latest songs with aid of this app. Thus the users need to download and set up Vidmate submission from the 9apps store and make use of this app. Once the download and install process is over, you can download all the videos and music files you need at any time. The Vidmate download process is fully available at free of cost.

Features of Vidmate                     

It comes with a lot of unique & exclusive features that are helpful for the users to get HD videos easily. This app enables the users to pick the size, format, and quality to download videos on their gadget. One can watch live TV at any time completely at free of cost on their device. It is compatible with Android, Windows PC and iOS devices. Thus the below are its features:

  • No limitations on downloads

One can download as many videos they need from vidmate. There is a restriction on how many videos to dig up. For a regular downloader, this app is the best preference. You can also find the most recent and admired movies to download from vidmate

  • Download HD videos

This is one of the main reasons to pick vidmate to download videos. It supports video downloading from a lot of websites like Dailymotion, Facebook, YouTube, Vine, and many

  • User-friendly interface

It comes with simple & easy to use user-friendly interface. The users can download their most preferred videos at any time.

About 9apps

9apps is one of the best and popular apps in the market. It was started in China by the Alibaba group. It performed well and received high reputation by the users all around the world. It is very popular in many countries including Russia, Indonesia, and India. It becomes one of the most trendy third-party app stores when compared to others. Since itself an application store, it is not available on google play store. This means you need to get 9apps download and set up separately on your gadget. After the installation process, you can simply use it as a Google Play Store.  This app store is available in very small size. The Google play store obtains more than hundreds of megabytes. After the installation, the play store will keep the entire installation package. But this will not happen in the case of 9apps because all the packages will be deleted once the installation is over. This aids to save a lot of memory space for the android phone. Here are some of the features of 9apps:

  • Very small size package
  • Safe and secure to download popular applications
  • It contains a lot of apps as well as games
  • Good download manager
  • Simple user interface