Mini Tips to Convert Your House's Office

Mini Tips to Convert Your House’s Office

The place where your office is located inside the house is usually the most neglected and less decorated. Since you will not be welcomed in the office and will not spend much time with your guests, you prefer to put the weight of decoration in other rooms, such as the living room.

It is time to change and every simple and boring office to stand out and become unique.

Follow the following mini tips and make everyone comment and admire how great your home office is.

Light up with color

Choose your favorite color and paint with that wall behind the desk. Your look will go straight to this point, and in this way delimit the office space if you have placed it in a corner of the living room. You can paint the whole surface of the wall or just a small piece. Play with colors and contrasts. You can even use upholstery with designs for more contrast.

Add Office Accessories

Certainly you will need stationery when you sit and work in your office. Convert anything you need to a decorative item. The office, moreover, remains to be part of the home decoration. So add a stylish luminaire, especially a folder, but also more personal items, such as a picture frame.

Play with scales

Even if your office furniture is too small, simple or monotonous, you can add shelves to the wall just above and create a standalone office corner inside the room that is already in place. A separate chair will also make it stand out.

Organize in style

If you want to have notes and papers, a calendar and everything else you need in your office, just do it in style. Hang up sustainable design posters in a symmetrical way and in color shades that match the rest of the decoration. Convert anything you would otherwise like to hide to the most interesting decorative element of the office.

Create office space from scratch

 If you do not have an office space in your home, you can create it. Pick any corner in the living room, hall, up to the bedroom and hang a broad, large wooden shelf at a height that suits you, so it works as an office. Add a stool and a table and no one can deny that this is your new office.

Also, a darker color on the walls, e.g. dark blue or green, combined with light woods and fabrics, but also light-eyed patterns emits the same result – as long as these tones are spoken to you.

A simple graphic motif or an intense flower design can give a more personal touch to the place or link it decorative to other areas of the home. Consider installing a computer near a window to enjoy the benefits of natural light.

Take advantage of the wall

 You may not have enough space under your desk, but with some shelves you will get enough of the top side. On the shelves above you can store your items in boxes, put some books and fill the composition with some beautiful decorative items and boxes.

Include a small sofa or, if the room is small, a pair of small armchairs, where you can sit comfortably with your customers and chat.

Add some luxurious elements such as fresh flowers, candles, or even an espresso machine to make this place your favorite shelter or a place where you can enjoy private conversations.

Put a bar on the side

There is no need to leave the side of your office untapped, as it is ideal to create storage space. Attach a small bar (or a small curtain) and hang some plastic containers like those in the photo below where you will save a few small things. You can also use hooks to store your headphones or other items.

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