Architecture a good career option

Is Architecture a good career option?

People everywhere in the world require places to live, work, play, learn, shop, and eat and the people signs for both indoor and outdoor spaces and deal with private or public tenders. They are capable of designing anything from a single room to any complex of buildings. Architecture as a career option offers the individual the opportunity to shape or even completely transverse the environment in which one lives. Architecture is related to the way in which the environment of any place is planned, designed, implemented and maintained.

Architecture as a profession deals with working increasingly based on occupations which range from urban planning and property development and even comprises of the fields of teaching, furniture design who are responsible for designing these places are known as architects. These people prepare den and disaster relief. An architect discusses his planning and objectives related to his project with his prospective client. An architect needs to prepare a design of the dream project he or she best thinks of. Presentation of it to the client, development of the final construction plans, following of codes and facilities of fire regulation, child safety are some of the measures an architect has to adhere to.

There are various Architecture colleges in Delhi NCR which provides the best training to its students. The educational qualification to enter in such colleges is minimum of 50 % in XII grade with any stream (science, commerce or humanities) but having mathematics as a subject is compulsory. There are two major entrance tests for admission in architecture schools:

JEE Main and Advanced, National Aptitude Test for Architecture (NATA) are the entrance tests which provides you an opportunity to apply for B.Arch. in NITs and SPAs.

 Architecture as a career option is really a passionate job, you get to reflect your love and passion towards the society through your architectural projects. If it’s your passion, it will surely give you full job satisfaction. An architect never feels boredom as they are constantly facing the new challenges. It provides the aspirants to be creative and explore the curiosity hidden inside them. All it requires, is a good education as well as training to make a difference to the society.  Architecture’s demand as a career option in India at present is really high due to increasing urbanization, modernization and advancement. This has and will lead to an enormous demand for architects in the future.

Being an architect is a real tough job as it needs to have a perspective of visualizing the dream imagination you have in your head and sketching it out on a piece of paper. It is the biggest opportunity to grow and thrive. All you need to be sure is that you are moving towards the right direction and then you will be able to reach your goals.

5 Reasons Why You Should Buy an Electric Actuator

These days’ people are opting for electric gate actuators instead of regular actuators. Also, it is being considered to integrate the electric motors using the current gates instead of purchasing a whole new system. This not only helps in cutting the budget but also creates a lesser commitment than opting to design a new electric actuator. The electric actuator provides a better security to your house and can increase of any machine. This enables the user to enjoy the functionality as the motors are detachable.

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