3 Clever Tips That Will Make Your Would-Be Home Extra Fine

One of the main concerns of engaged couples in Australia is finding a home that will serve as nest of love and future family – and it does not end there – designing the house is a whole new different story. If finding a house is the prologue, decorating it is the first chapter. Of course you want your would-be home to represent and embody the types of personality and passion you and your fiancé have, and from there, you can already say it can be quite tricky. Surely you can always hire a professional interior designer, but you cannot discount the fact that you and your future spouse have to be hands-on on every detail of the design and layout. This is why it is extremely important for zero in on every detail of the project, including the types of homewares to buy the design, the price, and the functionality. 

Preparing for your wedding is indeed stressful and time-consuming, which can easily overwhelm you and your fiancé. You may easily say that thinking about how your first home’s design and layout is out of the picture as you get busier for wedding preparations. However, you should know that you can always hit two birds with a single stone. Preparation and planning are your best friends from here on.

You may wonder how you can squeeze in some time brainstorming and preparing for your first home during wedding preparations, so you may want to follow these practical tips:

  1. Talk with your fiancé – Designing your first home is all about teamwork. You and your partner are about to enter a life full of surprises that require collaborative efforts, so you might as well get your groove on from the get-go. Consider home designing as one of your fist major and serious projects as a couple. Talk with your partner about what she wants your home to be. Communication is key during this time, so make sure that you listen to her suggestions and opinions. If you are less enthusiastic about her ideas, it would be best to negotiate and compromise in order to ensure satisfaction.
  1. Consult with an interior designer – As a couple, both of you can only do so much. Accept the fact that you cannot micro manage everything and that you guys need assistance from someone who does designing for a living. From the layout of the kitchen to the design of the kitchen larder units, your interior designer will help you come up with the soundest decision possible. Voice out to your designer everything you want for your house’s design, taking cues from the discussions you had with your fiancé. Your designer will lead you throughout the process of designing, so you don’t have to sweat on little things, and this will save your time, allowing you to focus on wedding preparations.
  1. Get estimates – Once your designer knows about the design plan, your next step is to have an at least ballpark figure of the total cost of the project. You may ask your designer and contractor how much the project may cost. If you have more free time on your hand, you would want to do it by yourself as well. Go to different home stores and get an idea what are the prices of the items you have in mind, such as the countertop, kitchen larder units, drawers, and so on. Going to different home and living online shops will also tremendously help you.

Preparing for your big day is indeed taxing and you may find it hard to balance your time, but if you prepare way ahead of time, you should do fine in designing your first home. The secrets: preparation and teamwork.

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