6 Important Things About Child Custody During Divorce

Going through the process of divorce is not easy- it is mentally devastating and the situation gets worse and more complicated if children are involved in this. When you and your partner get separated, it is natural to face some difficulties while taking decisions regarding the lives of your children. Child custody refers to the responsibilities and rights upon the children that each parent have after their divorce. Determination of the child custody for the divorcing couple is always an overwhelming scenario but if you have appointed a good child custody attorney in Weston and know the basic things and rules of child custody, it will be easier for both your children and you to deal with the situation. Here are six such things which you should know about the child custody:-

  • Working on the Parenting Agreement:-With the help of your child custody attorney in Weston, you can go for a child custody agreement or better to say a parenting plan. This defines how both the mother and the father is going to share decision making and time-related to their children. This will help to save you from any post-divorce conflicts and confusions related to your children and your children will be clear about your schedules, roles, and You must know how that the agreement can be turned into a court order if in any way your partner fails to live up to the terms of this agreement.
  • Knowing the Types of Child custody:-There are various types of child custody- Legal custody, Physical custody, sharing child custody, sole custody, split custody, joint custody, and third-person custody. Determine your situation and requirements first, negotiate with your partner and then proceed with one type of child custody which you think will be suitable for you. But if you are not being able to agree upon an agreement, the judge of the court will decide the matter on behalf of you, considering several factors.
  • Child Custody Proceedings:-If you and your partner are unable to work out the arrangement of the child custody, you will need to face the child custody proceeding or hearing for the determination of the procedural matters. After reviewing all the rights and situation, the judge will make the final decision. But before you appear at the court for the child custody, it is better to consult with an experienced child custody attorney in Weston and discuss the whole matter.
  • Understanding the rights for visitation:-Even if you do not have the physical custody of your children you still have the right of visitation. If you, the parents, cannot decide the visitation schedule, the judge will do that on behalf of you. Visitation is not as same as the custody, the former defined how you are going to spend time with your children.
  • Showing up on time:-keeping your words and showing up on time is always the main task no matter which kind of child custody you have been awarded. Be on time at the court proceedings, events, and meetings at the schools of your children, at your scheduled visits with your children etc.
  • Learn the method of talking to the kids about the divorce:-Children are generally very much affected with the divorce even if they get all the love and care from both of your parents. It is your duty to simplify the situation for them so that it gets easier for them to get accustomed to the situation and to go through this transition.

Children are very sensitive and their world revolves around their parents only. So, it is not easy for them to grasp the whole situation regarding child custody and divorce. So, know the rules regarding child custody well and then proceed with the matter to keep yourself and your children happy.


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