Books to add in international affairs reading list

International relations is one of the major subjects that is extremely famous among people. They opt for this study with open heart and soul due to its increase in popularity. However, there is a time when people get confused about the course. Well, there is nothing to be confused about it if you are connected to the best international relations colleges in Delhi NCR that can help you in every single step. All you need to do is keep in mind that there are different approaches that one can follow in the line to ensure stability. Whether you are pursuing the course or not, you can go through these books to spark up that international relations fire within you.

  1. Climate change – It is one of the essential books that is covered up in the whole process of international relations. The books contain the data of the wildfires that occur around the Athens that makes the place go frenzy to the Kerala current flooding. Along with the natural disasters, the books contain its effects and how it changed the life of people living in the location. The books have every single highlight of the climate change that has affected the law. Also, the challenges and efforts are thoroughly covered up.
  2. Does terrorism works? A history – This is the most serious issue that is the talk of this whole planet. This topic has put everyone in a tight spot by starting up the phase of violence that no one wants to see. The books contain the answer to the question about does this mode of violence actually work or not? It is covered in different perspectives that make it the most debated book. But with the content covered up in this book, it has become a major part of international relations study.
  3. Equal opportunity peacekeeping – There is no doubt that security, peace and women have managed to gain the topmost importance in today’s world. It covers all the insights of the present world that are important for the people around. Also, it covers the majority of the part of the political scenario that is going on in the world. This will gives a deeper understanding of the women and their capabilities that is taken up in the society.
  4. Rape loot pillage – This book contains the majority of the part of the famous Meetoo movement that has taken this whole world by a storm. Not only that, but people are actively participating in this action against the crime against women. The international relations programs in India actually involved this serious issue to make sure that no female is victimized ever again. However, this will take some time but to get the deeper knowledge about the issues that are spread worldwide. This is the best one to opt for.

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