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Selecting the wedding anniversary cake made easy

Several occasions are celebrated which do require blowing the candles and cutting the cake. Besides birthdays and weddings, even anniversaries are celebrated in this manner, much to the satisfaction of the couple. The reason for selecting the anniversary cake can be anything, right from the first romantic date, the date when a house was purchased, birthday of any close friend or family member, first marriage anniversary, etc. There are numerous milestones in life that will call for celebration. It needs to be an appropriate gift that should be given to the concerned person as a reminder of the occasion and love showered upon him/her.

Sending anniversary cakes to near and dear ones

There are many people who may be living in another city or foreign country. They can enjoy the facility of ordering cakes from reputed online portals and sending them across to their near and dear ones spread across the country or just about anywhere. It has become the norm of the day to send across special designed cakes suitable for all occasions. It can be sent direct to the recipient’s doorstep, without any hassle. But the cake selected needs to be a good flavoured and tasty one to enhance the festive mood.

It is equally important to select a reliable and popular online portal that offers top quality, delicious cakes suited for all occasions. The portal also needs to be known for its quality, offer wide range of cakes of all flavours, taste and delivery service.

Useful tips to select the best cake for the anniversary

  • Select the right flavour: It is necessary for the flavour to suit the particular occasion as well as the individual’s choice of flavour. There does exist variety of choices to make from at the renowned bakery sites. Even personalized options are offered. This way, choice of design and flavour can be derived.
  • Type of cake and number of person: It will be useful to take into consideration every minute detail prior to ordering the cake. If there are more number of attendees and the cake pieces falls short, then it can become an embarrassment for the organizer. Chocolate cakes or fruit cakes can be ordered of the right size and ensured that everyone gets his/her piece to taste.
  • Select the best cake vendors: One has to check the website of the cake vendors to derive more worthy idea. There are different types of cakes to be selected for any type of event.
  • Budget: The fact stiff completion has compelled providers to offer quality products at affordable prices. Hence, it has become possible to get delicious cakes of choice of flavour and size without actually having to spend a fortune. They will also offer the best dressing, which could be in form of toppers, fruits, etc.
  • Placing the order: If the desire is to get the cake sent across to the recipient on that special day, to make the item all the more meaningful and unique, then it is important to order it early and specify the date to be delivered.

The reputed online portal will offer top quality cakes and delivery services and creative choices to make from.

Cancel Timeshare Contract With Timeshare Attorney

The increasing number of timeshare resorts and vacation clubs has drastically increased the customer disputes in the present days. This is evident from the number of lawsuit filed in timeshare cases and many are still pending for years. In the last, the timeshare customers are fooled, as they do not read the terms and condition before signing up of timeshare contract with a local or international timeshare company. It is advisable to read some timeshare reviews online and go with the trusted vacation ownership promoters.

Local Timeshare Cancel Center

You can find much local timeshare cancel center in you place. These are private entities, who serve you for a fee. Moreover, they will try to retain in the existing resort and do not solve your problem. They will anyhow convince you and see that you will be selling your timeshare, who is ready to buy at cheaper price. These kind of unfair practices are happening at these centers as they have very good tie-up with local and international timeshare companies. Secondly, you can find government bodies with consumer rights. They will fight for your timeshare cancellation and will take their own time. However, you will waste your money and time by thinking that your cancellation of timeshare will happen quickly.

Accredited Timeshare Resale Companies

If you are not willing to cancel your timeshare and willing to sell them to some buyers, this can happen in the present world. They will pay you a good amount and change ownership of timeshare, which you have taken in the past. However, they are going to enjoy the balance time only in those vacation clubs and resorts. They will also get the points and rewards what you have earned while as timeshare member. This is the smart way to resale your timeshare to the prospective buyer, who will purchase them at higher price. In the present days, many people are doing this, when they found the timeshare they brought is not worth enough to serve them well. The rising number of timeshare professional’s scam is also a part of such fake companies. They will do aggressive marketing and change the mind of existing customer or a timeshare member. It is advisable to not to being a prey for such timeshare resale companies, when they approach you.

How to get rid of timeshare legally?

There are many timeshare attorneys, who do it professionally and in quick time. They charge you nominal and give a dedicated lawyer to attend your case. This will help those timeshare members, for whom a timeshare company is not accepting his or her cancellation letter and ignoring them to refund their membership money. The professional timeshare companies will accept their member’s cancellation letter, when they are within cool off period. However, this is not the same, when you wish to cancel timeshare after grace period is over. Here, you have to approach the professional team to get your work done legally. They cancel your timeshare contract legally by charging you a minimal fee.

Your Guide To Great Walls

You can transform any home, big or small, with a decent paint job. However, before heading towards the painting, make sure your walls are plastered. Gypsum plasters work great as they dry quick, gives a smooth finish which helps in cutting down multiple other product and it is also eco friendly. After the plastering, you must prime your walls with a good coating of a quality wall putty. No matter what climate you are in, dry or rainy, the walls of your home will definitely need protection against humidity and fungal attacks. Beside that, wall putty also smoothens out the wall surface giving a uniform surface for the paint to glide on. So even in the dry climate of the northern states like Punjab, wall putty is unavoidable.

There are one of the best wall putty Punjab suppliers and manufacturers who sell certified, good quality wall care products at really competitive prices. Their websites will give you all the details you need and also an insight into the products they sell.

So now to the painting ideas that will guide you choose the best colours for each if your room for when you have bought a new house, want to revamp your old home or make it look spectacular before any big occasion.


The walls of your bedroom is one of the first things you rest your eyes on once you wake up in the morning and the last thing before you go to sleep at night. So, the colour of your bedroom walls must be energizing enough to amp you up for the day and soothing enough to calm your after your entire day’s battle.

Pale shades of blue are one of the best colours for your bedroom. Draw your inspiration from the oceans – both calming and invigorating at the same time.

If you are nature lover and love the green serenity of a forest then go for a dull green for your room.

Pale pink and lilac is also great to bring a warming femininity and brightness to your room.

You can even go for neutral colours like grey, beige and taupe without being boring. Add a pop of colour with an accent wall, wall papers or art pieces.

Living Room

You can get as creative as you want when it comes to the colour of your living room. However, make sure the colours coordinate well or else you’ll end up with a tasteless colour riot.

Choose a colour that reflects your personality and be creative with it. Go all out with bold colours like yellow, magenta lime green or tangerine and tone it down with minimal decor in neutral shades.

Metallic colours like silver, copper and gold make a statement. You can even try incorporating them only on the accent walls to keep it affordable. Paint the rest of the room in rich jewel tones like dark blue, rust orange, muted yellow, purple to give a royal feel to your room.

You can also keep it very minimal and sophisticated with neutrals like dark grey, white or even a daring black. Add some pop of colour with your decor.


While choosing  colours for your kitchen, try to stick to darker shades as they don’t stain easily. Washable paints work best for kitchens. And warm colours like red, yellow and orange are believed to increase one’s appetite. Yellow is also a happy colour which lift your mood. A happy mood ensures good food !

A quality paint job will cost you in accordance with the area of your walls. It generally starts from about Rs. 7 to 10 per square feet. Wall putty, plaster of Paris as well as gypsum price in Punjab and its adjacent areas is pretty reasonable and of good quality. However, make sure to find the right manufacturer and dealer to get the best products.

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Online purchase of Insurance policy: a wonderful process

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