Your Guide To Great Walls

You can transform any home, big or small, with a decent paint job. However, before heading towards the painting, make sure your walls are plastered. Gypsum plasters work great as they dry quick, gives a smooth finish which helps in cutting down multiple other product and it is also eco friendly. After the plastering, you must prime your walls with a good coating of a quality wall putty. No matter what climate you are in, dry or rainy, the walls of your home will definitely need protection against humidity and fungal attacks. Beside that, wall putty also smoothens out the wall surface giving a uniform surface for the paint to glide on. So even in the dry climate of the northern states like Punjab, wall putty is unavoidable.

There are one of the best wall putty Punjab suppliers and manufacturers who sell certified, good quality wall care products at really competitive prices. Their websites will give you all the details you need and also an insight into the products they sell.

So now to the painting ideas that will guide you choose the best colours for each if your room for when you have bought a new house, want to revamp your old home or make it look spectacular before any big occasion.


The walls of your bedroom is one of the first things you rest your eyes on once you wake up in the morning and the last thing before you go to sleep at night. So, the colour of your bedroom walls must be energizing enough to amp you up for the day and soothing enough to calm your after your entire day’s battle.

Pale shades of blue are one of the best colours for your bedroom. Draw your inspiration from the oceans – both calming and invigorating at the same time.

If you are nature lover and love the green serenity of a forest then go for a dull green for your room.

Pale pink and lilac is also great to bring a warming femininity and brightness to your room.

You can even go for neutral colours like grey, beige and taupe without being boring. Add a pop of colour with an accent wall, wall papers or art pieces.

Living Room

You can get as creative as you want when it comes to the colour of your living room. However, make sure the colours coordinate well or else you’ll end up with a tasteless colour riot.

Choose a colour that reflects your personality and be creative with it. Go all out with bold colours like yellow, magenta lime green or tangerine and tone it down with minimal decor in neutral shades.

Metallic colours like silver, copper and gold make a statement. You can even try incorporating them only on the accent walls to keep it affordable. Paint the rest of the room in rich jewel tones like dark blue, rust orange, muted yellow, purple to give a royal feel to your room.

You can also keep it very minimal and sophisticated with neutrals like dark grey, white or even a daring black. Add some pop of colour with your decor.


While choosing  colours for your kitchen, try to stick to darker shades as they don’t stain easily. Washable paints work best for kitchens. And warm colours like red, yellow and orange are believed to increase one’s appetite. Yellow is also a happy colour which lift your mood. A happy mood ensures good food !

A quality paint job will cost you in accordance with the area of your walls. It generally starts from about Rs. 7 to 10 per square feet. Wall putty, plaster of Paris as well as gypsum price in Punjab and its adjacent areas is pretty reasonable and of good quality. However, make sure to find the right manufacturer and dealer to get the best products.

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Online purchase of Insurance policy: a wonderful process

At present all kinds of commodities are being sold on the internet or digital channels. In fact nowadays if something is not sold on this global platform than it becomes news. The companies that sell insurance policies have also started selling their policies from their websites directly which proves much helpful to the buyer as well as the seller. Continue Reading

Popular Departmental Stores

Popular Departmental Stores of the Last Decade

A departmental store is nothing but an establishment of retailing where the customers are offered huge range and wide variety of all kinds of consumer goods. The various categories in which these consumer goods are divided are called as “Departments”. The various departments that are available in these stores are the hardware, toys, clothing, toiletries, house-ware, cosmetics, furniture, do it yourself, sporting goods, paint, home appliances, accessories and much more. These stores, which were a part of an era of 1990s, include three such growing stores and these are the House of Fraser, Argos and Debenhams.

The United Kingdom has so many departmental stores in its territory and has been able to provide and fulfill all the basic requirements of the consumers. The consumer goods that are available in these stores are situated in the nearest markets of the people’s residence.

The people who are unable to find them at their nearest stores can use the direct links of the company’s official websites so that they can shop from their departmental stores just while sitting at their homes.

The three such online departmental stores situated in the United Kingdom are as follows:

House of Frasers

House of Fraser Company of the United Kingdom is a retail industry in nature. The various departments that it offers are of the house-wares, cosmetics and clothing. It was founded in the year 1849 in Scotland, UK. Initially, it was known to be Fraser & Sons but only till 1891. The various brands that can be seen here are the Sheridan, Christy, Villeroy & Boch, Graham & Brwon, Linea and much more like these. It is situated in London in the United Kingdom.


Argos, founded by Richard Tompkins is in nature is a retail industry. The Argos Customer Support Cell is located in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, England. This UK based company has its stores in nearly 845 in number. The customers whenever feel like either visiting the Argos head office or headquarters or for writing to them, can use the address. The company sells all these consumer goods at such affordable rates and with the good quality at the priority. This 44 years old company was founded in the year 1972 on November 13.


Debenhams is a Public Limited Company and is traded as the DEB at the London Stock Exchange. This is basically fashion retail. This company was founded in the year 1778 by William Clark. Its headquarters is situated in 10 Brock Street, London, England, United Kingdom. The company has a huge range of consumer goods to offer to the people at large. These include the gifts, toys, cosmetics, fashion clothing, accessories, home and furniture and much more like these. This British Retailer has two subsidiaries companies too such as Debenhams Ireland and Magasin du Nord.



Practical Tips to Make Your Business Prosper Even More

Your office should always be cleaned and well-maintained. Viruses and bacteria can be in every corner of your office, which is why it is very important to have a clean and healthy working environment. Any place can become a breeding ground for viruses and bacteria, and this does not exclude office spaces. In fact, since employees usually stay inside the office for at least eight hours a day, when someone contracts a contagious viral disease, anything could go wrong. Hence, sanitation and cleanliness are something employers should take seriously.

There are different types of diseases that can be transmitted airborne, including but not limited to influenza, tuberculosis, whooping cough, measles, pneumonia, chicken pox, and even polio. If you are an office worker and your co-employee is suffering from any of the mentioned complications, you are at great risk of contracting the same disease, especially if you share the same space. This when offices can become a ground zero for different types of disease, putting the health of workers at risk.

Diseases can not only be transmitted airborne but also through direct contact. There is a plethora of diseases that can be passed via direct contact with another person. Some of these diseases include coronavirus, common cold, measles, chicken pox, Fifth disease, pink eye (conjunctivitis), Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, adeno/rhino virus, and pertussis. Office workers are at risk of contracting any of the mentioned diseases if one of their co-employees is suffering from such medical condition. Hence, it is very important for employers to make sure that their office is free from any of serious and deadly viruses and bacteria. The first line of defense against disease in offices is prevention.

There are many things an MT4 trading platform business office could do to make sure that its employees are safe from any deadly virus. The following are some of the ways offices could do to prevent widespread of contagious diseases in the workplace:

The key to successful prevention of diseases is information. When employees know and understand the risks of the diseases they could contract while at work, they will be more conscious and sensitive about their health. Also, by informing employees, they will know how to properly deal with the issue without causing any panic or gravitating the problem. Offices can conduct health and disease seminar or symposium to equip employees with the right information they need.If a business has the resources to provide employees with free fitness and health program to employees much better. Health is wealth – this cliché is absolutely correct. When employees have solid immune system and are perfectly fit, they are less likely to contract serious diseases, assuring the safety and health of the whole office. Employers can provide free gym membership to employees so they can have better health.

Any company should have well-written and guided company policies for health and diseases. These policies will play a vital role in guiding employees on what to do in case they contract a contagious disease. Policies on office sanitation and hygiene should likewise be included to further protect the interest of the whole office. The simplest and best way to prevent contagious diseases from breeding inside the office is to keep it clean and sanitized. All office furniture like office desks and chairs, computers, floors, and other office supplies and equipment should be well-sanitized. Any article inside the office can become a breeding ground for contagious disease, especially those that are always being used by employees including office desks. Hence, it is important for offices to keep everything cleaned and sanitized.

Employees have the right to safe and healthy working environment, especially if your business is related to MT4 trading platform. As it is, employers and business owners should do everything to make sure that their workplaces are free from any contagious diseases, which can put the lives of many employees in danger.