Cake Recipes

The All-Time Favourite Cake Recipes

In fact, cakes are not just loved by the kids but also student and parents too. A delicious cake is incomplete without milk powder as most cakes are prepared using milk, cheese, and nuts. There are many varieties of cakes available, and the most exciting milk cake recipes are listed below.

TresLeche Cake

TresLeche cake is one of the most authentic cake recipes of Spanish. It is very delicious; therefore, one cannot ignore the taste of this beautiful leche cake. The great combination of milk powder and leche fruit makes it an excellent dish that is quick and easy to prepare. This is a perfect cake for enjoying the weekend. It is better served with hot cheese and blackberries to add more glam to the cake.

Banana oat Muffins

The blend of whole milk powder and the banana makes the delicious Banana Oat Muffins. Oat is a packed with nutty flavour, and thus it makes these a healthy diet. The vitamins and proteins from banana make this dish a mouth-watering dessert an outstanding dish for this hot summer. Oat is probably consumed as a breakfast; therefore, you can rejuvenate your taste buds by making cake breakfast recipes.

Tiramisu cupcake                           

Tiramisu cupcake looks nice and attractive. This milk powder infused cake is filled with rich nutrients of raspberries, almonds, and cashews. It is topped with mascarpone cream and cooked in the mild stream. The creamy cocoa powder and milk powder bring down more alluring look to the cake. Unlike, other cake it can either be stored in cool place or refrigerator for a long time. This is a perfect dessert for winter season.

Rasamali cake

Rasamalai is one of the most popular Indian desserts. The equal quantity of ricotta cheese, cottage cheese, and Indian cheese is dipped into the whole milk powder to get a soft rasamali cake. Rather than cottage cheese, you can use low-fat cheese to reduce the fat calories in the cake. Making rasamali is very easy. Therefore, you can make it at any time. The topping of chopped almonds adds more look to this mouth-watering milk powder cake recipe.

Oreo cake

Oreo cake is the all-time favourite for many kids as they would love to eat the delicious blackest Oreo cake. Making of the Oreo cake takes just 5 minutes. So even your children can make the cake by themselves, which is quite lovely. The highlight is it is eggless; butter less, no curd, no oil and so on.  However, it is the rich combination of milk powder and Oreo biscuits. You can also use hide n seek, bourbon and other such biscuits instead. Once you have tasted this Oreo cake, then you will never say no to it. Such a finger licking recipe it is.

Coconut cake

Coconut cake is one of the most mouth-watering recipes of south India. The delicious recipe is much like the coconut chocolate but with different taste and the unique formula. Simply search the web for How to make Milk powder cake to get more details. The crispy layer of coconut cake grabs the attraction of kids.

These cakes are must- try cake nowadays. Simply pick up the best one you love.

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