Incredible Benefits Of Ultrasound Machine You Can’t Afford To Miss!

The physiotherapy is an alternative form of treatment which offers relief from chronic pain, inflammation, and stiffness or movement issues which happen due to trauma, post surgery or accident. There are many forms of physiotherapy treatment which are given based on the underlying issue using the best equipment and exercises. Over last few years, the experts in the field have developed a number of devices that can help the user to have amazing benefits in different health conditions. There are many devices that are improved on their performance which can lead to a better health condition of the patient in low time than before.

Ultrasound is one such treatment which happens to one of the most popular types of treatment owing to its non-invasive and painless yet effective treatment. The treatment does not make use of any radiations or electric signals either! The ultrasound uses sound waves for the purpose of treatment. The sound waves travel deep inside the tissues and create a heating effect which offers relaxation and cures pain. The ultrasound machine is used in thetreatment of muscles, tendons, ligament or joints. There are numerous devices in the market from different makers. The producers also have provided them with different features and therefore while purchasing the same one must ask an expert for his opinion so that the right device with right features can be purchased.

Ultrasound therapy machine manufacturers can be sourced even online. If you wish to ditch the conventional suppliers of physiotherapy equipments and opt for online shops, do a little research and go for the best quality equipments.

Treatment Procedure

  • The ultrasound treatment requires an applicator gel which works as a medium that helps in penetrating the sound waves from machine to tissues. The gel is applied on the area of treatment in sufficient amount.
  • The ultrasound machine has a wand which transfers sound waves deep within the skin.
  • The wand is moved in acircular direction on the area of treatment. However, the wand should not be kept stagnant on a specific area and should be kept moving constantly. The treatment should be given only for 3 minutes.
  • Also, the heat produced is not felt by the patient on theoutside. Even the sound waves can’t be heard by the human ears.

The ultrasound treatment is beneficial in reducing pain, edema, and swelling. It is also used for breaking the scar tissue. It also offers gentle massage to muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Major conditions which are treatedwith the help ofultrasound are tendonitis, joint swelling and muscle spasm. Muscle or ligament injuries can be healedwith the help ofthe treatment. Sports injuries are commonly treated by high-frequency sound waveswith the help of ultrasound machine.

The ultrasound therapy machine price in India varies based on the source of procurement. The price of the machine starts at as low as Rs. 6000 and goes as high as Rs. 50000. One can opt as per the required usage and brand preference.


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