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How To Choose The Right Printed Swim Cap Material

When talking about printed swim caps, there could be a whole bunch of options to choose from. If you are wondering if the extra cost for your silicone caps is worth the expense, or which one actually works in keeping your hair dry, or just the right swim cap to buy, then this run-down of facts might greatly help you.

Here are some facts and some considerations that you need to bear in mind when choosing the right swim cap for you.


Swim caps vary in material, but the most popular among them are those that are made of silicone and latex. Those latex caps are very thin and inexpensive while silicone caps are a lot thicker, expensive but long-lasting. There are swimmers who like to use old-school spandex caps but those who join Olympic Games most likely use those molded silicone caps that are wrinkle-free. However, just to make it clear, no matter what material you use, there is no swim cap that can make your hair completely dry.

Tips on How To Choose The Right Swim Cap Material

Consider these things that will help you in deciding the kind of printed swim cap that will best suit your needs.

  1. Swimming Frequency

A more durable swim cap will most likely fit those who like to swim every day. But if you are an infrequent swimmer, you probably want to have a swim cap that can survive a long and lonely week or four inside the bottom of your swim bag. Either way, swim caps made from silicone can be your best option.

Why? Silicone caps are stretch-resistant and are durable for daily use. For infrequent swimmers, this type of swim cap is more than forgiving if you just let it sit in your swim bag for weeks. As with latex caps, they tend to become sticky and plastic-ey when left for a long period of time. As with durability, silicone caps still offers the best shot.

  1. Water Temperature

If you are swimming in a pool with a water temperature that is more than 81 degrees, then you should think twice about purchasing silicone caps. This is because the extra thickness of this swim cap offers warmth. On the other hand, latex caps which are thinner will keep you from the heat compared to silicone caps.

But if your pool is warmer than 80 degrees F, then you most likely need a warmer cap which is made from silicone.

  1. Workout Frequency

Water temperature is not the only thing to consider. Just imagine yourself swimming in a pool with a temperature rising to 80 degrees F and you are wearing a silicone swim cap. You will surely feel toasty and uncomfortable. So, if you spend more time on the swimming pool, you need to use a latex cap. But if you are swimming less, then the warm given by silicone caps is what you will need.

 Choose The Best For You

Since you’ve already known the positive and negative sides of latex and silicone caps, you now have a better understanding of the right printed swim cap to use.

Measures To Combat Hair Loss Associated With Wearing Helmet

Hair loss has been a typical and ordinary concern of all motorcyclists for a long time. Although, bike riding is still a trend and sensation among the youths everywhere, motorbike riding does invite perils with it. One of the most obvious of them being hair loss experienced at an alarming rate at an early age. The effects are so proliferating, such that it taking a toll on the face value of the person even before they are concerned.

  • Pattern Of The Hair Loss And Remedies:
  1. Pattern: An incessant and uninterrupted use of helmets may result in receding hairline near the forehead, from the very roots of it. The roots get brittle and ultimately lose their anchoring capability which causes a declivity of the roots and henceforth hair starts falling and retreating back at the scalp. This leads to a common medical state, coined as ‘traction alopecia’.
  2. Causes: Bacterial growth within the helmet owing to poor maintenance can lead to scalp infection thus leading to severe hair loss. Sweat, dust, food, water or even wrong material used for padding may cause irritability that culminates in loss of hair if kept unnoticed.
  3. Remedy: One of the easiest and effective ways is ‘Jigging’, i.e. repeated putting and taking off the helmet in order to make sure it sits on the head normally, without pulling too much hair along it upwards.
  • Spraying anti-bacterial or anti-fungal stuffs can also prevent the irritation and infection.
  • Also eating healthy and maintaining a healthy scalp and regular scalp massages that improve circulation can help prevent the contamination and even revert the alopecia encountered.
  • Maintaining the health of the helmet is also an important issue. Regular cleaning and keeping it in a sterile environment enhances the longevity of the helmet as well.
  • Helmets should be taken-off patiently whenever you get a break from riding to allow proper movement of air inside.
  • The soft portion inside the helmet should be properly cleaned with microfiber clothing to free the impurities present.
  • Also you can apply a light cotton fabric around your head wrapping up the hair, before putting on the helmet to prevent contact and lessen friction.

On Choosing The Best Helmets

Now, on knowing the causes and the remedial solutions for the hair loss often encountered, the question arises – does only proper preservation of the helmet and the scalp solve the hair loss issue? It’ll be more realistic to answer that a standard and an authentic product will only meet up a client’s expectations. The online helmet stores offer a wide range of such original products that guarantee their value and worth.

Steelbird helmets online is the choice of many people in the case of online shopping. You get to choose from a variety of choices, each excelling in their class and rank.


A helmet is an inherent possession of a biker. It should be chosen with proper care and concern.


Each morning we are born again. What we do today is what matters the most – Buddha

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