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The Importance of Background Checks for Cybersecurity Companies

Background checks are an indispensable component of hiring and recruitment today. If your company deals with cybersecurity, all potential employees must pass a background check prior to recruitment. Besides protecting your organization, you will also be safeguarding the lives of all the other employees in your company.

Protect information technology with background checks

Information technology is the backbone of any company. In fact, a minor issue can cause major problems. Experts in the field of cybersecurity are entrusted with the task of protecting the information technology systems in your company. These employees have tremendous responsibility and power. If you are not careful and do not conduct background checks of their past, you will miss out on red flags that is extremely detrimental to the well-being and health of your organization.

Use background check websites to find the best candidate for your company

With the help on background check websites, you effectively are able to compare two candidates with the same credentials. These websites are fast and accurate. They have been created in such a way to give you instant reports. They are simple for you to navigate. You just need to enter the full name of the candidate and conduct a rapid search. The reports are derived from original sources. You get authentic information and this helps you to verify the credentials listed in the resume of both these candidates. You often will discover that despite having similar credentials some candidates you search on might have a criminal past. These websites help you conduct multiple searches from a single platform. They also give you the scope to download and even print reports.

Hire the best candidate

Therefore, in the field of cyber security why should you take risks? Be prudent and run background checks on all your candidates that apply for jobs in your cyber security company. If you miss a background check, anything can happen to the welfare of your company. If you by mistake hire a person with a sex offender record, you are placing the lives of your employees at risk too. Do not create any kind of vulnerability in your organization. Be responsible and conduct a background check to stop people with adverse background records from joining your company and placing employees at risk. Your employees will feel safe if they know you conduct background checks before recruitment. They remain loyal to you as they know you protect them with these regular checks for new employees.

Background checks online protect the goodwill of your company. In case, you have a breach of cyber security, your organization will be placed at major risk. Your reputation in the market is marred and this ruins your business. Choose background check websites that have good reviews and customer testimonials. These websites are private and confidential. They are fast and simple for you to use. Bank on them and protect your cyber security company from any potential candidate that has a criminal past. The websites are simple to use and they save time when it comes to verifying the credentials of your potential employers accurately for your company with success!

3 Valuable and Appropriate Ways for a NETGEAR Extender Firmware

Well, the screen of NETGEAR Extender Firmware allows you to manage the latest updates after the process of your NETGEAR Extender Setup. You just have to select the ‘Firmware Update’ under the maintenance of main menu screen. After that, check for the following options.

  1. Check For New Version Form The Internet

NETGEAR range extender automatically checks the database for a newer firmware image file and compares with your latest installed version. Do not turn off your computer, range extender, router, and the modem. If there is no firmware available for your device, you will see a ‘No New Firmware Version Available’ message.

  1. Check For New Version Upon Login

If the mentioned option is selected by default, the range extender will check the NETGEAR database for a newer and latest firmware image file every time you log into its homepage. In case, you don’t want this feature anymore, consider clearing the ‘checkbox’.

  1. Locate And Select The Update File From Your Hard Disk

To manually check for new firmware updates, use this field and browse the ‘update’ buttons.

  • Connect your computer with the range extender.
  • Log into its web user interface.
  • Select ‘Wireless Extender Status’.
  • Go net and select ‘downloads’.
  • From the ‘production selection’, select the make and model number of your device.
  • Check for the most recent firmware version.
  • Once done, ‘right-click and save to download’.
  • Select ‘firmware update; under the maintenance of the main menu.
  • Click ‘browse’.
  • Once done, click ‘upload’ and send the updated firmware software to the range extender.

Updating the Firmware Bypassing the NETGEAR Genie Setup Wizard

  1. Connect your range extender with the latest and updated firmware of router.
  2. Plug them both in and after that connect your computer with the range extender.
  3. Open a web browser and type net into field of the address bar.
  4. Now, navigate to ‘maintenance’ followed by ‘firmware update’ with NETGEAR Genie web interface.
  5. Browse to download the ‘firmware file’. Once done, hit ‘upload’.

Upgrade the Firmware on a NETGEAR WiFi Range Extender

  1. Connect your computer with the NETGEAR range extender.
  2. Log into your extender by opening a web browser of your choice. Once opened successfully, type mywifiext into field of the URL or address bar.
  3. Enter your default username and password into the displayed status page.
  4. Now, your browser displays the ‘menu icon’. We need you to ‘click’ on it.
  5. When the firmware update page displays, click and select ‘firmware update’.
  6. Once done, click on the icon ‘check online’.
  7. It will update you if the new firmware is available for your device. Just keep following the onscreen instruction to update your range extender.

Upgrade a Firmware by using the Manual Setup

  1. Use a router that is updated by the latest version of technology and connect it with your range extender.
  2. Connect your computer and log into the web interface of your NETGEAR Extender Setup by typing 168.1.250 (NETGEAR extender default IP address) into field of the address bar of a web browser.
  3. Now, you will be prompt to enter default login credentials of username and password.
  4. Once you are on the home page of NETGEAR Genie, go to ‘setup’ and click on ‘wireless settings’.
  5. Once you are successfully done with the above-given process, click ‘apply’.

Note: The default details are very important for login. So, it is strictly recommended to our users that do not change the login credentials before the process of installation, configuration, and firmware update.

If there are any queries and issues left related to your firmware update, NETGEAR Extender Setup, and setup, feel free to call our tech support executives any time of the day or night on toll-free number 1-888-927-2661. We will be happy to help you.

Tips To Spy Your Teen’s Social Media Activities

Social media spying has become a very common activity especially when it comes to young kids and teens. Because, over the last few years, the digital world has been penetrated among the youth and the penetration does not make a difference, but the excessive use of social messaging apps is the actual root cause. Parents are very concerned about kids and teen digital media activities and they don’t want them to use instant messaging apps all the time on their cell phones.

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Off Page SEO

What is basically Off Page SEO?

Off Page Optimization is basically a part of Search Engine Optimization, other being On Page Optimization. Off Page SEO is the external activities of a website. It mainly includes link building techniques. There are several link building techniques. Some of the popular among them are Article Submissions, Blog Postings, Social Book Marking, Blog Submission, Blog Creation, Directory submission, Profile linking and Blog Commenting. They are explained as follows:

Article Submissions:

Article Submission is the most widely used and old technique, which still has its importance in link building. There are several article submission websites available today. Some among them are Ezine Articles, Hub Pages and so on. You can find article directories in the search engines. Select the article submission sites having high page rank and high domain authority for submitting your website. You will get a link back to your website.

Blog Posting:

There are thousands of Blogs available online. You can select the blogs having high page rank and authority. Ask the webmaster of these blogs to submit your content with a link back to your website. If they approved the content, they publish it with a link back to your website. Google had given a special priority to Blogs. Since Bloggers only promote Unique and Quality Contents, so keep posting good content with a link back to your website.

Social Book Marking:

Social Book Marking helps you to bookmark the content page of your website. If anybody likes it, they share it. Through this sharing, they will get more and more links to your website.

Blog Submission:

Submit your blog/website to Blog directories such as IndiBlogger and Blogarama, where they will indexes each page of your website.

Blog Creation:

Create a Blog and publish articles based on your website and also a link back to your website.

Directory Submission:

Web Directory Submission is an old technique of SEO, which is still used by some people to build backlinks. There are several web directories available in the Internet. You can find it as a list on Google. Mainly three options are available for Directory Submission to a particular site, they are regular, reciprocal and paid. For regular submission, you can submit your site for free and listing should be done with days or months to wait. In the case of reciprocal linking, you need to place the directory’s link in your website. In return they will place your website’s link in their directory.  Next option is Paid, where you can get instantly approved links.

Profile linking:

You can sign in to different websites, allowing you to display your url in the account.

Blog Commenting:

Blog Commenting can be done by simply replying to the popular posts of Bloggers.

Benefits of Off Page Optimization:

Organic and Referral Traffic, Best Keyword Ranking, Increase Page Rank, high quality backlinks, Convert Sales and Branding.

The Author of this article, Arun Mohan is writing articles for Swap Dial and Agrraj Consultancy Services