Enjoy Bharat Darshan through its Trains!

Indian Railways in collaboration with IRCTC launches special tourist trains for Bharat Darshan. Every year during festive season or holidays, Indian Railways promotes a few special trains to give Indians an exclusive trip to eminent destinations. The initiative was designed to offer a flavour of the rich cultural heritage of India by taking travellers to legendary historical and religious places spread across India. IRCTC’s Bharat Darshan comes in the form of a package which includes train journey, accommodation, road transportation, sightseeing and on-board meals. These all-inclusive tours are an affordable and secure way to explore different parts of India.  Bharat Darshan tours are targeted at domestic Indian tourists who wish to go on pilgrimage and visit famous temples. Continue Reading

Reasons Why You Should Hire a Yacht Charter

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Yacht Charter

Are you fully fatigued? Want to take a break? Yacht chartering is the best option to make your holiday vacation special and memorable. You can also go to the beach, indulge in island hopping, try out scuba dive and snorkel. If you are party animal, island yachts can be viable option. There is after all a thousand reasons why you should charter a yacht. Here are the top reasons why your next holiday vacation should be on a chartered yacht.

Go wherever you want to go: 

The most significant advantage of yacht charter is you can sail wherever you want and for how long you want with the allotted cruising area for the yacht. There is nothing like exploring the ocean; and once you are there, you can find yourself in the serene and peaceful world of the blue that only a yacht can take to. Imagine how amazing it would be to chartering a yacht and moving around the water exclusively.

Budget Friendly: 

People often confuse yacht charter with charter cruises. However, they are not the same. Unlike the latter, the former is more flexible and cost-efficient, especially when you traveling in large groups. It would be unwise to think that chartering a yacht is an expensive option and is only restricted to the rich and famous. Certain for high-end luxury yachts, you have to shell out an extra buck. But that is not the case with other options. With several affordable options out there, it is high time to invite your friends or close relatives to come along your yacht vacation. Going in a group is always a good idea to reduce the expenses. This even allows you to enjoy a high level of luxury even on a tight budget.

An Unparalleled Experience:

Yacht charters come up with a whole lot of benefits and amenities of a beautiful floating villa, allowing you to explore a variety of exotic places amidst comfort, luxury, and privacy. You can engage in some wonderful activities such as island hopping, scuba dive or snorkel to feast your eyes with a colorful array of fishes and corals. Some charter companies even provide water toys such as ski, kayak, and wakeboards to ensure that you and your family will have the best times of your life.

Endless Possibilities:

There are indeed endless possibilities when it comes to chartering island yachts. From traditional sailing yachts to modern, high performing motor yachts skippered or bareboat, you have the power to choose the kind of charter vacation that will suit your taste and budget. Should you have the fundamental knowledge, you can surely hire a bareboat and be the captain of your own boat. Otherwise, you can hire a skipper who will give you instructions as you go.

Learn to sail: 

Most yacht charter companies will accommodate guests even without sufficient knowledge in sailing. However, it is always advisable to hire a skipper for your safety. It gives you an opportunity to sail as much as or even as little as you like.

A Night Out in the Most Beautiful Cities Around the World

When you explore the most exquisite places on earth, make sure you look exquisite too!

If travel and fashion are the two great loves of your life, just like me then you’ll have stars in your eyes by the time I’m done with this blog. I have travelled to 48 cities till date, some worth remembering and some worth revisiting. What my experience has taught me is that you need to dress the part. Continue Reading