Chappals for women online

Chappals as often referred as slippers are light and comfort footwear that are used for everyday use inside the house.  These are easy to put on and off and are worn mostly inside and is mostly for home use. Chappals are the perfect mix of comfort and styles. In today’s world comfort is given preference for the use of footwear or clothing. The invention of first slipper dates back to the 12th century in the country of Vietnam. Later in the western part of the world, the use of slippers rose in and around 1480s.

There are different slippers for different purposes available to the wearers.

  1. Slipper boots- slippers that resemble boots to certain amount are the slipper boots. They are mostly worn by women and are made of oft linen. These furry boots provide warmth and comfort to the lower part of the feet. The underneath part of the slipper is made up of soft rubber sole.
  2. Closed slippers- these slippers have heel guard that prevents the foot from slipping. They resemble the strap sandals to some extent.
  3. Evening slippers- evening slippers are nothing different in shape than the rest of the slippers except it is made up of high quality velvet material. The sole of these slippers are made up of fine leather and contains bow to cut out the initials of the wearer. The rest is embroidered with gold. In short, these slippers are meant for the millionaires.
  4. Sandal Slippers- Sandal Slippers are the ones that are made up of cushion like materials that provide the maximum comfort.

The slippers or chappals are nothing different than the regular flip-flops and are often sold as a novelty item. They are created with soft colorful materials and may come in various shapes and sizes.

In the age of online marketing, finding Chappals for women online is no big deal. There are abundant websites that deliver their products right on to your doorsteps with various modes of payments. The online retailers sell the best quality products at very reasonable prices. The list of retailer include some of the biggest online marketing companies like Flipkart, Amazon, MedLife, Khadims, Bata and many more.

  1. Flipkart- Flipkart has a wide range of collection to offer to its customers looking for women chappals. The chappals are of premium quality and are charged reasonable. The products of famous brands all over the world are available here.
  2. Amazon- Amazon is another online marketing shop which sells the best quality of chappals for women. They also sell the products of different famous companies.
  3. Bata- Bata is one of the largest manufacturers of footwear in India. This multinational company also has its own website for its customers to visit and choose.
  4. Medlife- Medlife is a famous medicine retail platform. They sell medicines and medicated equipments. Women are sometimes prescribed to wear medicated chappals due to medical reasons. Medlife distributes these accessories to their wearers.

Ladies Chappal online can be found over the same sites where chappals for women are available. These include the previously mentioned sites like flipkart, amazon etc.

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