Different Types of Wedding Cakes

There are available cakes of various flavours and types meant for different types of occasions. One such occasion, where the cake does play a crucial role is the wedding. Rather, it is a must have for every wedding to enhance the importance of the day.

The wedding cake at times is considered to be much more than just an edible item to cut and consume. Rather, it is termed to be an art work that deserves proper recognition and praise for being plain, pretty, unique and modern. As a matter of fact, there have emerged numerous bakeries that have been baking extraordinary delicious and beautiful looking cakes of mind boggling designs.

Wedding cakes

When evaluating wedding cakes of different types, there are found traditional wedding cakes and cupcakes, along with those which are based on variety of flavours, including the frosted ones! The traditional types are generally white in colour. These come with different types of icings and decorated quite nicely. Icings performed on the traditional cakes tend to include chocolate, strawberry and vanilla. The smaller and individual cakes are affordable. However, the popular ones are the frosted types since they use cream in large amounts. Also, are present cupcakes that can be availed in various interesting forms. They also are prepared very easily and does form commonly use dessert items at occasions. People of all ages do find it tough to resist cupcakes. Those wanting to enhance the moods of the occasion can send flowers to Jaipur along with cakes selected from a reputed online portal.

Traditional stack variety

This is regarded to be a popular wedding cake available to the modern society. Each cake layer in this variety comes with different interesting flavour and positioned directly on the last layer’s top portion. It is similar to that of the traditional variety, where they are filled up basically with fleshed flowers to provide that height and mesmerizing visual impact. Cakes can be further divided into traditional pillars and Perspex separators that might include shells, flowers, jewels, etc. Using chrome stands, it can be completely separated.

Irrespective of cake selections, white cakes are among the most favoured flavours. As a matter of fact, flavour contents can be added in-between the layers. The other wonderful choice for wedding cessions is the chocolate cake. To provide that classic surface or to combine with chocolate icing, chips, drizzle or swirls, it could be hidden under white frosting.

Fondant is also termed to be creative wedding cake form that appears with frosting style. If draped over tiers and then rolled out, then this smooth and firm sugar icing does make consistent appearance for appliqués, gum paste flowers or royal icing details. The fondant could be cut and designed to form various shapes. It is then flavoured with selection of white or tinted chocolate. Poured fondant can be found in sugary taste and glossy finish.

Checking out the reputed portals will help the person to choose online cake in Jaipur of choice and enjoy consuming it.

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