The Direct Entry to be Permanent Resident of Australia

2017 has seen a lot of changes in the employer sponsorship program driven by the department of immigration, Australia. On 19th April, the first introduction was done, and after that more introductions were made on the 1st of July, 2017. More is going to commence in March 2018 as well. These changes are going to reach far and the 457 VISA holders will be affected very negatively by them. If the changes are applied to the existing 457 VISA holders, then their permanent resident status to Australia will come to the line of the end. As a matter of fact, the immigration department of Australia, termed it ‘pathway’ to the permanent residentship previously they had said, and now there is no connection with the present application status to the working permit given to them then.

The direct entry stream residence visa Australia provided under this scheme will let you work under three streams. One of the streams is direct entry streams. In order to be eligible for this category, you have to,

  • Provide nomination from an Australian employer
  • Your age will have to be under 45 years
  • You have to meet the qualification, English language speaking capability and the skill set that is required
  • Meet other requirements for the direct entry visa stream

After gaining the Australia direct entry stream visa onlineyou can stay in Australia permanently with the help provided by subclass 186. This will cost you around 3760 Australian dollars. The application processing time is about 8 months after submission.

The process

Most of the applications will be processed under 8 months after submission.


Those who are eligible,

  • The ones who are nominated by their Australian employer
  • People who have worked for a long time or never worked in Australia
  • The residents who are temporary and didn’t qualify for the stream.

Eligibility criteria

  • You have to nominated by an Australian employer under the span of six months since you applied.
  • Your age has to be under 45
  • You have to possess the necessary qualifications and the working skills.
  • You have to qualify the English language proficiency test.
  • Good character and health.
  • Meet extra requirements for the direct entry scheme visa

Regarding the VISA

The subclass 186, employer nomination scheme is a visa that is only applicable to the skilled workers who are willing to work in Australia. It has two important processes, i) it requires a nomination from the Australian employer, ii) submission of the direct entry application by the candidate.

After receiving the grants for this VISA, you will get,

  • You can live in Australia permanently
  • You can work and study in Australia
  • You will be eligible for the Australian healthcare scheme
  • You can apply for the permanent citizenship for Australia
  • You can also sponsor your other relatives to stay in Australia
  • You can travel to any other country form Australia.

You will have to pay for the VISA in two installments.

  • You have to pay the first amount after submission of the application
  • You have to pay the second one after you’re told to.

You need not pay any extra fees for bringing your family members. You can also use the online price estimator to calculate application cost.

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