Famous Trekking Spots Around Mumbai

Mumbai  is the heart of our country and is known for its popularity across the world. It is known as the entertainment capital as it is home to many rising stars of the Bollywood industry. A metropolitan city, it is the hub for education, industrial growth and development. It is also equally crowded with dreamers who enter Mumbai with a passion and zeal to do something big in their life.

      Apart from its versatile culture, people and crowd, Mumbai is also located amidst many scenic beauties due to which it is also known for its nature trekking and other activities. People visit Mumbai because of the dual nature it offers in terms of bustling city and the serene natural beauty away from the city. Trekking in Mumbai is a very relaxing as well as exciting activity that one can indulge during the weekends. There are many spots around Mumbai that make for an ideal destination. Here are a few that are very popular among trekkers.

  1. Kanheri caves.

Distance:  31kms from Mumbai.

Located towards north of Borivali in the western regions of Mumbai, Kanheri caves are definitely a one of a kind monuments that one should definitely visit. They are located inside Sanjay Gandhi National Park, and can be visited through trekking in the jungle. The trek can be completed within 40 minutes and the rock cute structure of the caves are mesmerizing view to your eyes.

  1. Rajmachi fort.

Distance: 118 kms from Mumbai.

Located in Sahyadri ranges, it is said to be one of the best trekking experience in entire Maharashtra. it is situated at 2710 feet above level of the sea and is one of the places with the best view of hills, water bodies and mountains. You can drive, ride or climb  up to destination. You can explore forts, nature, and also experience night treks in this pathway. It is an easy trek which is worth the climb.

  1. Lohagad fort .

Distance:  94kms from Mumbai.

This is also popularly visited by tourists for its splendid beauty and architecture. Its location is also an ideal spot for trekkers to visit, especially during the winter season. You can climb and indulge in both day and night treks with a group of people. The pathway through the lush green trail is very welcoming. The name of the fort means Iron fort in Marathi language. This is also located in Sahyadri ranges.

  1. Kalsubai peak.

Distance: 165 kms away from Mumbai.

Set amidst Kalsubai Harishchandragad Wildlife sanctuary, it is a peak which is ideally considered as a very exciting spot among nature lovers. It is located at an altitude of 5400 feet and is known to be the highest peak in all of Maharashtra. There is a temple located on top which should not be missed. There are many routes and one can trek for 2 to 3 days and camp there as well.

So here are a few famous trekking spots among the innumerable lists. Pack your bags and have a safe trek.


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