Few Things To Know About Renters Insurance & How To Get Yours Through Kelly Lee

Protecting Yourself With Renter’s Insurance

The number of homeowners is dropping in the United States. While past generations viewed owning a home as a “right of passage” as far as the process of growing up, it’s not viewed the same by the last few generations. The trend started about 15 years ago and has continued through today’s graduates. Instead of getting locked into one location by purchasing a home, as graduates enter the workplace they prefer to rent. This allows them to be free to locate and accept jobs around the world.

Who Is Going To Protect My Stuff?

Ownership of a home was also viewed as a form of protection. With home owner insurance, your possessions in your home were protected against damage from a variety of dangers What happens when you are renting though? The answer is just like home owner’s insurance , companies like Kelly Lee Insurance offer renters insurance Lake Charles residents need. For a payment that is about half of an average couple’s dinner at a moderately-priced restaurant, you can protect your possessions by calling Kelly Lee Insurance to order renter’s insurance.

Weather Coverage

Purchasing renters insurance in Lake Charles protects your property against many types of weather, but not everything. If you call Kelly Lee Insurance and order renter’s insurance your possessions will be protected against lighting, windstorms and hail. It will also protect you if your roof collapses from the weight of frozen precipitation. Renter’s insurance will not cover your losses in the case of a flood though, flood insurance is required for that.

Who Needs Renter’s Insurance?

If you are renting and everyone in your household is a member of your direct family, one insurance policy will cover everything in the house. If you have recently graduated from college and moving in with a roommate that has renter’s insurance, you are not covered under that plan. Unrelated parties must obtain their own insurance. Your landlord’s insurance will not cover your losses either. In the case of renter’s insurance the policy covers the policy holder, not the rental property.

What Else Does Renter’s Insurance Cover?

Renter’s insurance will cover you against the claims of a visitor if they are injured while at your rental property. Renter’s insurance covers both medical bills and personal liability if you are sued by someone injured on your property. Liability coverage will also cover you if you damage the property as a result of an accident. Renters insurance Lake Charles residents carry also protects them from having to pay for higher prices for somewhere to live while your rental property has needed repairs completed, renter’s insurance covers that expense.

Protection Renter’s Need For Their Own Financial Safety

When asked about the types of insurance they need after moving out of their parent’s homes, most know they need automobile and health insurance. A mistake many make is that they don’t put the same importance on renter’s insurance. Making a phone call and a monthly payment equal to one night out monthly can solve that.

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