Install Solar Panels And Be Future Ready


As the average temperature of the earth is rising every year, the use of greener and alternative power and energy sources are becoming more and more popular. The major natural energy sources like water, sun and wind are now being used on a much larger scale. Among the mentioned three, probably solar energy is the most affordable, easy to install and the popular one.

In 1839, Alexandre-Edmond Becquerel noticed the ability of certain materials to produce an electrical charge as they were exposed to sunlight. But at that time solar panels were mainly used to measure light. But in 1873, Willoughby Smith replicated Becquerel’s observation and discovered that this charge is caused by light hitting selenium and in 1876 William Grylls Adams and Richard Evans Day published “The action of light on selenium” based on smith’s results. After this, in 1881 the first commercial solar panel was created by Charles Fritts but these were very inefficient compared to coal-based power plants. But the cell design of the modern solar panels was created by Russell Ohl in 1939 and in 1954 it was used to create the commercial silicon solar cell.

So, the technology was there for more than 50 years but the proper implementation began when people and governments realized the potential and advantages of using solar energy.

Good for the Environment: Solar energy is a green and clean energy source; it reduces the emission of greenhouse gasses and naturally doesn’t pollute nature. All it needs is clean water to function properly. So, if you want to opt for solar and lead this change in your neighbourhood then you can contact, solar panels companies and know more about it.

Save high on energy bills: If you notice carefully, the energy charges are rising each year and that’s largely due to the fact that we primarily depend on fossil fuel to solve our electricity purpose, which is getting expensive as it is running out. But with solar, it is a never-ending energy source and you can use it as much as you want.

Tax credit: To promote the use of cleaner and greener energy, certain countries have issued tax benefit schemes if you opt for solar energy. The amount of money you will invest in installing solar panels will be exempted from taxation. So, look if your country has any schemes for you.

ROI ratio: Installing solar panels are a huge investment upfront but it is worth the investment. Because in the long term, the amount you will save annually on the electric bill can beat the ROI ratio of stocks and bonds and with dividends of a cleaner environment. Call solar panels specialists to get a clearer idea.

Increase your property value: From a pure real estate point of view, houses equipped with solar panels fetch a higher price in the market and they sell quickly. So, it makes sense.

It is very clear that a sustainable energy source like solar is the future as fossil fuel will run out eventually. Yes, it is true that installing solar panels costs a lot of money upfront, but with the benefits it provides, it is worth the investment.

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