News 2017

Top 5 September News 2017

Read full top news stories to stay updated. Stay connected with the on-going events in the country as well as in International. Here are some trending stories of the month September.

  • Government took a step to fight terrorism. A 25000 crore mega internal security scheme has been approved to strengthen the laws, mechanism and modernize police forces to fight against terrorism more effectively as well as efficiently. The Prime Minister, Mr.NarendraModi himself declared this scheme named Umbrella Scheme- Modernization of Police Forces (MPF). This is one of the biggest financial schemes. In this particular scheme, the share will be shared about 3/4th by the central govt. and remaining 1/4th by state govt. Under this scheme, the focus has been given on Jammu and Kashmir and about 10,132 crores have been only approved for this state.
  • P.V.Sindhu, the top seed Indian shuttler has been recommended for the nation’s third highest civilian award Padma Bhushan by the Indian Ministry of Sports. Sindhu stunned every citizen by entering in the final of the World Super Series. After Rio Olympic, her performance has constantly enhanced. Despite she lost to Marin and Okuhara in the both finals but she won the millions of heart. Read news in short to stay updated. After becoming first Indian to win the Korea Open, P.V.Sindhu got nominated by the Olympic silver MedalistRajyaVardhan Singh Rathore who has recently replaced the Vijay Goel as new sports minister.
  • The great film personality Tom Alter died on 29th September. He was fighting against skin cancer from a long time. He was an actor, writer, director, and has been awarded by Padma Shri. He had been serving the film industry since ’74, continuously. Last year, he declared that he had shot a powerful web series in Goa. Tom Alter won a gold medal in acting from Pune’s Film and Television Institute. After debuting in movie Charas, he played so many different roles which showed his versatility in acting.
  • Finally, the wait is over. The brand new Apple iPhone got launched in India. Earlier in the Sept, it was launched in various countries excluding India. Apple launched two new phones named iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. The phones will be available in two variants offering 64GB and 256GB internal space with three colour options such as Gold, Silver, and Space Grey. The price is little high compared to previous iPhones. You can buy the iPhone 8 64GB by spending 64,000 whereas 256 GB can be bought in 77,000. For iPhone 8 Plus, the price tag has been kept as Rs73,000 for 64GB and 86,000 for 256GB variant. The booking started a week ago across online and offline stores including the Reliance store after a partnership of Reliance and Apple.
  • Again a hike in the price of Delhi Metro will affect a lot of people. The change will take place from this October. However, the hike won’t be too steep if compared to the previous one as the maximum increase would be Rs.10. the DMRC announced the hike in fares. It also announced that the fare will be same for the first 2 km that is Rs10. For rest of distance zones, the price will be increased. DMRC told that there was an ordinary decrease in the ridership from the previous hike.

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The creativity in handmade stuff is always surpassing. There are many people who always munch on handcrafted items for their décor, jewellery, accessories and almost everything. After all, when you are getting durability and creativity both together, why would you miss handcrafted items then?

A huge gamut

Once you dive into the realm of handcrafted items, you are going to end up with plenty of options. You can also go for Indian crafts online and pick the ones that suit your need and desire. There are many options and you can go through different categories. Have a look at some of the popular categories.


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A peep into crafts

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Stylish handmade presents

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online kids and baby product

Feel the Magic of Being a New Parent

Being a mother gives an immense happiness, having your baby in your arms for the first time is just like a magical feeling. Birth of a baby is just like a miracle that fills our hearts with happiness and joy.  A mother can compromise on everything but never on the health of her baby hence we understand the care and concern a mother has for her baby. Keeping this in mind the market is filled with top quality kids and baby products. When the baby is about to arrive there are a lot of things that are needed and the new parents ensure that they have every essential thing. With a wide range of kids and baby products online, parents of a new born can buy all the required stuff sitting at home.

Let’s discuss what should you fill your shopping cart with? Experts say when it comes to baby grooming product, less is best, as in the beginning you never know what suits your baby and experimenting is a big no, that is one of the reasons most of the doctors suggest to avoid scented lotions, shampoos, and soaps. The fresh fragrance of your baby does not need to be masked with anything artificial. Hence choose the brands and products wisely after a complete research and don’t pick anything on people’s recommendation. Prepare yourself for the arrival of your bundle of joy.

Baby grooming essentials that are a must have:

  • Cotton balls
  • Baby oil
  • Baby shampoo and soap
  • Baby wipes
  • Baby nail clipper
  • Petroleum jelly
  • Baby hair brush or comb
  • Baby tub

We understand that we are not at all in the Stone Age when the new mothers had to bear a lot of pain when a child used to be born, not just during the child birth but once the baby is out the real struggle begins from then. But today, when we are living in the modern world, then why don’t we get all the accessories that can make child care an easy job. To raise a child is not at all an easy task, but with the modern amenities, it has been made easy. Adding some nice nursery furniture can make the job little easier, some of the must have nursery furniture include

  • Crib or co-sleeper- This little bed is for the new ones to have a comfortable sleep
  • Crib mattress – Add a crib mattress to the crib.
  • Rocking chair
  • Baby monitor
  • Changing table
  • Bassinet

There are a lot more things that one can add to make a beautiful nursery for your child, as your baby is the best gift for you.

Availability of online kids and baby product is quite a nice initiative, this is quite beneficial for the new parents who have just entered the parenthood and don’t know about the rights and wrongs. Hence the best way they can pick the best products for their baby is buying the things online. Online shopping can help in many ways, one can pick the products on the basis of reviews hence this act as your personal guide.