Tips to Making Moving Offices Easier

Office moving projects should be done quickly because a typical business loses money during the downtime. If you want to stay competitive after you relocate, you must set up everything in the new building fast, effectively, and efficiently. By using these tips, you can complete a moving offices project very easily in a cost-efficient manner.


Dollies with casters can help you move a variety of items out of an office. In order to prevent accidents while using a dolly that has casters, you must select proper hardware that provides balance, control, and support.

  • Flat dolly: A flat dolly has a hardwood base that can support the weight of a cabinet or a stack of office supplies. This accessory has four caster wheels that spin 360 degrees.
  • Flat cutout dolly: A flat cutout dolly is designed like a flat dolly. However, a chunk of the base is missing. The size of the cutout varies depending on the brand. Typically, dollies for crates have a heavy-duty metal frame, and custom dollies with a large cutout are made out of steel. If you need to move a water cooler or some other product that has delicate hardware underneath its base, a cutout dolly can transport the equipment safely.
  • Drum dolly: A drum dolly is usually constructed out of a heavy-duty plastic or steel material. Underneath this dolly, you’ll find rugged casters that can maneuver on wood, tile, and concrete surfaces. Drum dollies are great options for your heaviest office items because the casters can support equipment that weighs up to 2000 pounds.


When moving furniture will casters without professional help, you must consider the layout and floor plan inside and outside your office. In order to guide wide furniture out of the building, you might have to maneuver it around narrow corners and over obstacles on floors and pavements. If you encounter a hall that’s too narrow for your furniture, you may not be able to maneuver the frame around the counter. In this situation, you’ll have to lift and angle the furniture in order to clear the obstacle. If this tactic doesn’t provide great results, you may be able to guide the furniture to the neighboring hall by removing the casters. Whenever you need to upgrade furniture that lacks wheels, considering buying wholesale Colson casters. By buying wholesale Colson casters, you’ll be ready to give heavy furniture enhanced mobility.


Because heavy office chairs weigh less than a couch, they can easily roll around in a moving van. If you’re not going to hire a moving crew, you must implement proper procedures to keep your chairs stable as they’re transported to the new destination. Although locking the wheels will prevent rolling, a chair could still tilt over if its entire base isn’t completed secured against something stable. The best way to prevent shifting is by using your heaviest items as a supportive wall. Begin by placing your chairs against the paneling inside the moving van. Then, position several heavy boxes in front of the chairs. If there isn’t enough space against the walls in the van for many chairs, repeat this process by building layers that consist of chairs and boxes.

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