Top Four Oldest Companies Still Going Strong for Jobs in Kolkata

Kolkata or Calcutta is one of the important commercial, cultural, and educational centres of the country, especially for the Eastern part of India. This city was the country’s capital during British Raj till 1911.  Today, Kolkata is an urban agglomeration economy with around 14.1 million people having their homes here, making it the third populous city in the country. From industrial units, large public- and private-sector corporations to banks and educational institutes, from real estate industry to pharmaceuticals, from textiles to tea and steel, there are ample jobs in Kolkata for young and senior professionals to make a prospective career here. Kolkata also holds the reputation of having some of the oldest companies in the country (some incorporated during the British rule) which are still surviving and going strong.

Let’s check out below the oldest companies where there are lucrative jobs in Kolkata:

Garden Reach Shipbuilders & Engineers Ltd.

This is a shipbuilding company in India incorporated in 1934 under the Indian Companies Act, 1913 in Calcutta. The company was set up to provide the shipbuilding requirements of the Indian Coast Guard and the Indian Navy and still holds the reputation of being one of the best companies in this field. The company is involved in not only manufacturing ships and warships but also involved in engineering and engine production activities, which include manufacturing deck machinery items, pre-fabricated portable steel bridges and marine pumps. The company is known to manufacture India’s first indigenous warship–the INS Ajay, in the year 1961. To take up jobs in Kolkata, Garden Reach Shipbuilders & Engineers Ltd. is a premium company.

Britannia Industries Ltd.

Britannia Industries Ltd. was formed way back in 1892 in Kolkata, then Calcutta, to manufacture edible products only to serve the British officers and their families. By 1910, the manufacturing processes became mechanised and industrial ovens came into use in 1921. Gradually, this company started producing a variety of food items from biscuits, cakes to bread, cheese butter, milk and many more. It was listed among the top companies on the Forbes global list in 2000. Britannia Industries Ltd. is still one of the best-known companies for jobs in Kolkata.

Calcutta Electricity Supply Corporation (now CESC Ltd)

This company was started way back in 1897 by the British government. Since Calcutta was the capital city of the British rule in India, it was the first city to be entirely electrified. The company, now referred as CESC is the flagship firm of the RP-Sanjiv Goenka Group. The company is involved in producing electricity, right from sourcing raw material (coal) to generating power to distribution, in fact, involved in the entire operation.  Electrical Engineers to management positions, from technicians to operation managers, CESC Ltd., is one of India’s largest private power utility firms that offers ample jobs in Kolkata for freshers as well as the experienced ones.

Andrew Yule and Company

Andrew Yule & Co. Ltd. is an Indian manufacturing and industrial company, owned by the Government of India and has its headquarter in Kolkata with branch offices in different cities of the country. The company was started in 1863 by the British as a conglomerate involved in producing diversified products like coal, tea, engineering, jute, cotton, electrical, power, chemicals, railways, shipping, paper etc. It was also involved in maintaining a zamindari and managing the house of various companies in India. Managed by Andrew Yule and his brother George Yule as a private company, it was transformed into a public company in 1948 after India’s independence from the British. Today it is a major company public sector company that comes under the control of the Ministry of Heavy Industries and Public Enterprises and still manufactures goods related to heavy industries and engineering. There are a large number of jobs in Kolkata at Andrew Yule and Company for both Fresher and Experienced Candidates.

 Thus, when it comes to jobs in Kolkata, these old companies offer ample opportunities for professionals. It is, in fact, a matter of great pride for young professionals to be a part of these age-old companies which are still growing strong and maintaining their name and position, in spite of severe competition.

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